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Explore the farm & the local area

Food, wine, wildlife & nature


Catch a glimpse of some amazing wildlife including the kangaroos and deer which call this property home. As well as sheep and cows which roam.

Take a walk around the 280 acre property and discover the spectacular views from the 600ft hills and deep valleys.

At night enjoy sitting under the stars and breathing in the clean, crisp air from the deck.


There are over 40 cellar doors and wineries in the Mudgee Region with an excellent range of wines to suit everyone. 

Mudgee is not a place where you will go hungry.  Treat yourself to a gourmet lunch or dinner or explore the monthly markets where you can try some local specialities.

Explore one of many natural attractions include The Drip, Frog Rock, Windamere Dam and many more in the surrounding area.

Don't forget to visit one of the many attractions including Mudgee Observatory, Miniature Railway, Hill End Road Village and lots lots more.

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